A Breeze Duct Testing 




HERS testing on your home will depend on what climate zone you are in, and what was installed or replaced. By law, when a home has any work / repairs done to the air conditioning or heating system, permits are required. After the work is finished and before the city inspector comes to sign off that everything is following local building code and laws, a HERS rater is required to test the home and certified that the proper equipment was installed, perform a duct test, airflow test, check if a/c unit was charged with refrigerant properly. Once your system is passing, the HERS rater will provide you with a certificate to give to the inspector.


What if your system doesn't pass HERS testing?

It happens on occasion and when it does, some small thing was over looked that potentially could cause you higher energy bills, discomfort in some rooms, and dust with poor air quality. If this does happen, we contact the installing contractor and will work with them to schedule the necessary repairs. Once the repairs are made, A Breeze Duct Testing will retest the home.


What testing do we perform

   Air Duct Leakage Test

   Airflow and Fan Efficacy Testing

   Refrigerant Charge Verification

   Existing Homes and New Construction

   Title 24 Compliance Documentation

   System Design and Verification


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